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The Everyday Human

This is made out to all my lovely human beings out and about in the wild. You need to freshen up your social media? Ignite that dating profile? Or you're a couple wanting to boost your photo albums. This is for you.

We’ll go out to a location(s) and shoot. You’ll get a bank of 15+ final high resolution edits based on your favourite picks. 


This is for all my actors. 

Two looks. 

Three looks.

Or three looks plus editorial options. 


This is an umbrella term that applies to all types of businesses from stores to a single person e.g.

  • Any store looking for product/staff photos for their website/print/social media presence

  • freelancers: 

    • Artists such as dancers, models, musicians, painters or anything in between. Looking for touching portraits or for promotional material to promote new work/album covers.

    • Fitness instructors such as personal trainers, coaches, yoga instructors and everything in between. 

    • Chefs, bakers and Food.

  • Corporate e.g. Lawyers, realtors, businessmen.  

I like to customize my rates based on my clients needs. Please reach out and we can discuss pricing based on your requirements. 


Thanks for submitting!

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